Globus Connect Server ufw Configuration

If you are running a Linux distribution that includes ufw, you can use a few simple commands to configure the firewall.

Each of the commands below assumes you are running them as root. If you are running these commands as a non-root user, prefix each command with sudo.

Firewall Rules

  1. Begin by allowing anyone to connect to open GridFTP data ports:

    ufw allow proto tcp to any port 50000:51000

    ufw allow proto udp to any port 50000:51000

  2. Allow Globus IPs to connect to the MyProxy port:

    ufw allow in from to any port 7512 proto tcp

  3. Allow access for GridFTP control traffic, from Globus only:

    ufw allow in from to any port 2811 proto tcp

What about a port for OAuth?

If you are using OAuth authentication, then you will need a web server (on port 443) open to the world. But since that web server is being provided by the Linux distribution's Apache package, it should take responsibility for configuring your firewall.

No other commands should be needed, and the changes should take effect immediately.

Your inbound firewall configuration is now complete! You should now go back and continue to the installation procedure.