Globus Connect Personal

Globus Connect Personal is the name of the software used to create Globus Connect Personal endpoints, for sharing files with other users. It is meant to be installed on machines that Stanford classifies as endpoints, machines that are used primarily by one person (such as desktops and laptops).

Windows Welcome

Globus Connect Personal works on all current, vendor-supported versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux.

No SUNetID Required

Globus Connect Personal does not require a SUNetID, so it can be used by anyone, even if their institution does not have a Globus subscription.

No High-Risk Data

Globus may only be used at Stanford with Low or Moderate Risk data. Please do not install this software on systems which have access to any form of High Risk data (including PCI and PHI data).

Globus Connect Personal does not require a dedicated or public IP address. It will work even behind a firewall (or home router), as long as you can make outbound connections to certain ports on the outside Internet.

Blocked? Try the VPN

If you are at a location that limits outside connectivity (such as a hotel), try using the Full Traffic (non-split-tunnel) VPN to bypass the block.

To begin, read the Install and Activate guide for instructions on how to set up Globus Connect Personal on your desktop or laptop.