Globus Connect Server 5

Under Construction

Globus Connect Server 5 is still new, and issues are still being worked out. Unless someone in Stanford Research Computing has said that you should use Globus Connect Server 5, then please use GCS 4 instead.

Globus Connect Server is software that is meant to be installed on multi-user machines, and on machines where multiple users have data (even if they can not log in directly).

New in Globus Connect Server 5 and later, Globus Connect Server takes on the role of a collection provider. One instance of Globus Connect Server is able to serve

Up-To-Date Linux Only

Globus Connect Server 5 is only available for the latest version of certain distributions. The only supported distributions/versions are Debian 9 (Stretch), RHEL/CentOS 7, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

No High Risk Data

Globus may only be used at Stanford with Low or Medium Risk data. Please do not install this software on systems which have access to any form of High Risk data (including PCI and PHI data).

Globus Connect Server requires:

  • A Public IP address.

    Even if you are only doing data transfer within Stanford, your system must be able to accept unsolicited connections from Globus.

  • Preferably, a server that you can dedicate to doing data transfer.

    Even with a single transfer, if configured appropriately, Globus will happily saturate a Gigabit or 10 Gigabit link.

Once you have the above items, you should read the Site Prep and Installation guide for information on how to prepare your system, and how to install Globus Connect Server.