Introducing Support for Microsoft OneDrive

We are happy to announce that, starting today, you can access Microsoft OneDrive files through Globus!

For detailed information about Globus & Microsoft OneDrive, with limitations and instructions, check out our detailed instructions.

If you just want to get started quickly, see our quick start on the Globus & the Cloud page.

Everyone with a full (or full-sponsored) SUNetID at Stanford has access to 100 GB of OneDrive storage (though that may have changed since this posts’s publication). Although this is not enough storage for many researcher’s needs, it is enough for simple collaboration with others.

Globus supports accessing files in your own OneDrive, files in Stanford University SharePoint sites, and files that have been shared with you by other Stanford University members. Unfortunately, Globus cannot access files shared from people outside of Stanford University. If you are collaborating with folks outside of Stanford University, you should host the share: Create a folder within OneDrive, share that with outside collaborators, and use Globus to transfer files to/from that folder.

Got Questions?

If you have problems accessing Microsoft OneDrive through Globus, you should first make sure you can access OneDrive directly. If that works, check out our support options to learn how to get help.

Thanks for the Support!

As always, we appreeicate those who provide the funding to make this possible: Stanford University IT, Stanford University Libraries, and the Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center in the School of Medicine. Thank You!