The Globus ID

Normally, Globus identifies people using their institutional identity. That is, their institution’s login page is used for authentication, and the person is identified using the identifier assigned by the institution (typically something like “”).

If a person does not have an institutional login—or their institution is not recognized by Globus—then Globus also accepts three non-institutional providers:

  • Google: If you have a Google account (either personally, or through your institution), you may use that.

  • ORCID: If you have an ORCID, you may use that.

  • United ID: If you have a United ID, you may use that.

If a person does not have a login with any of the above providers, then as a last resort a person can create a Globus ID. The Globus ID is an account (a username and password) that is only used with Globus services.

If you are not a person, and you are configuring a Globus Connect Server, you will need a Globus ID, as that is how Globus Connect Server authenticates itself to Globus during initial setup.

Stanford's Minimum Security Standards require the use of two-step authentication whenever working with Moderate Risk (or higher) data. The Globus ID does not support two-step authentication on its own. Therefore, when working with Stanford data, you should use one of the other methods to identify and authenticate yourself.

If you are using a Globus ID to create a Globus Connect Server (which is the only option available), you must not use the Globus ID for anything else!

Creating a Globus ID

If you have decided to create a Globus ID, go to and select create a Globus ID. A form will be displayed for you to complete.

The 'Create a Globus ID' page, with fields filled in.

Globus ID Creation

Here are some thing to keep in mind as you fill in the form:

  • Use your department’s name as your Full Name, and use “Stanford University” as your Organization.

  • Use a mailing list as your email address. This is important; password resets and other important Globus communications will be sent here.

  • Remember to practice password complexity! Your Globus ID only uses a static password, so be sure to consult the Password Requirements Quick Guide to find out how long your password should be.