Unlinking and Demoting Identities

Beyond linking identities, you might also wish to unlink identities which you have linked. Or, you might be moving to a new institution, and wish to “demote” your current primary identity. Both procedures may be found on this page.

Unlinking Identities

Most of the time, you will not normally need to unlink an identity. You will only normally need to unlink an identity when you are demoting your primary identity. You can also unlink identities for institutions where you have not been affiliated for some time.

When you do find yourself needing to unlink an identity, follow this procedure.

Stop all activities before proceeding

When you unlink an identity, all active transfers authenticated by that identity will be cancelled. You should wait for active transfers to complete before you proceed.

To unlink an identity, log in to Globus and click on the Account link (near the bottom-right corner of the page).

Globus transfer screen

The Globus 'Transfer Files' screen

The 'Account' link is in the bottom-left corner of the page.

The Account page displays your primary and linked identities. Near the upper-right of the page, locate and click on the Manage Identities link.

Globus transfer screen

The Globus 'Account' screen

The 'Manage Your Identities' link is in the upper-right quadrant of the screen.

You will be taken to a page listing all of your identities. Each linked identity will have a large to the right of the identity.

Globus account identities screen

The Globus 'Identities' list

Click on the letter X to delete an identity.

Locate the identity you wish to remove, and click on the . You will then be asked if you are sure about unlinking the identity.

Globus screen confirming that is it OK to unlink an identity

Your linked identity's point of no return

This is your last chance to go back!

If you confirm the operation, the identity will be unlinked.

Demoting Primary Identities

Although Globus recognizes that one human may have multiple identities, only one of those may be your primary identity. It is possible to change your primary identity, using the steps described in this section. You should do this whenever you change your primary institutional affiliation.

Stop all activities before proceeding

When you unlink and re-link identities, all active transfers will be cancelled. You should wait for active transfers to complete before you proceed.

Third-party consents will be revoked

If you have granted any third-party applications access to your Globus identity, those grants will be revoked during this process. After completing this process, you will need to re-log-in to each third-party application.

History will be lost

The steps below will cause all transfer and endpoint history to be lost. Endpoints will also be deactivated, so you will have to sign into them again. You should make a note of endpoints that you do not control, but which you have recently used, to reactivate them later.

Step 1: Check Your Endpoints

Check all of the endpoints (including shared endpoints) you administer, making sure that your current primary identity is on the list of administrators. Globus Connect Personal endpoints—and shared endpoints created from Globus Connect Personal endpoints—are excluded from this step, because they can not have multiple administrators.

A Globus Connect Personal endpoint, showing the list of roles.

An example Globus Connect Personal endpoint

This is where you should check administrators. This is a Globus Connect Personal endpoint, so only one administrator is allowed.

Make a note of all of the your linked identities. Then, follow the instructions above to unlink your linked identities.

Step 3: Log In to Your New Primary Identity

Log out of Globus and log in using whichever identity you want to be your new primary identity. Globus will lead you through the normal account-creation process.

Step 4: Add Other Linked Identities

Use the identity-linking process to link all of your other identities to your new primary identity.

Keep your previously-primary identity

Even if you no longer use it, you should keep your previously-primary identity linked as long as possible, for others who knew you primarily by that identity.

Step 5: Log in to Third-Party Sites

If you had any third-party sites or program that used your Globus credentials, you will need to log back in to them, so that fetch new Globus credentials.

Congratulations, the identity-demotion process is complete! You may now re-activate endpoints, and return to normal life.